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Why Every Child Deserves a Designer Education

Mom advocating for studentA student’s school years are too critical to risk sacrificing their spirit and love for learning.  If something isn’t working, it must be changed.

Several years ago as I was writing the introduction for our first website, I found myself using the term “designer education” to describe what Brock’s Academy does for families and their students.

As an academic coach I had helped parents learn to see their child’s education/schooling more dynamically.  Specifically, I stressed that what may have been a proper school context for their student one season could easily change in the following year. I also heard myself coaching parents to advocate for their children, and get their kids out of particular classrooms, schools, or away from a specific teacher if their child’s heart wasn’t soaring.

In order to really advocate for and help our students, we must think dynamically.  We must be willing to make tutor changes, classroom moves, and possibly even school moves if our children are not in a “perfect fit” situation; in the right educational setting with the right people.

It’s easy to spot when that “perfect fit” exists, because the student is happy.  If in the past they felt badly about themselves, they will begin to feel better. If they previously doubted their abilities, suddenly they will begin to believe they can succeed.   The right educational context is everything.

Our job at Brock’s Academy is to help families create the right educational context and solution for their child.  We uncover the problem and implement an educational strategy that is perfectly matched for each learner.   This is Designer Education™.

Sometimes it might be one of our customized tutoring interventions, and other times it is enrollment in our private school. There are even situations when we might consult and provide parents with a resource outside our services because that’s what’s best for their child.

Here at Brock’s, we are proud and grateful to be able to support parents and make sure they have their students in the perfect learning environment; happy, healthy, and learning more successfully than ever before.


Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh

Founder of Brock’s Academy

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