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Designer Education

Brock’s founder, Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, coined the term Designer Education™ to describe the core philosophy that underscores everything that Brock’s is about.

Essentially it means choosing the best educational components available to create the best learning environment for that particular student. It is a dynamic individual process. Each student’s learning needs are unique. Each semester is also unique. What is good for one child may not be good for another child. A good school environment for this season may not be a good environment for next season.

An easy way to determine if your student is in the right learning environment is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are they reaching their full potential?
  2. Is their heart soaring?
  3. Are they happy?

If you answered “yes” to all three, then you know he/she is in the perfect place for them. If not, then it’s time to look at all the components and determine where a change is needed.

At Brock’s Academy, we encourage all of our parents to use the Designer Education™ model to make good educational choices for their child. One semester a student may be taking a class with Brock’s Academy and doing the rest of the schooling at another school. The next semester the student might decide to do all the coursework with Brock’s Academy. The following year he/she may be planning on doing all their coursework at a different school. The options are as varied and unique as the students themselves.  Brock’s Academy provides students with a flexible schedule that is customized for the individual child.

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Fast Fact: According to a study by The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, the United States’ public high school graduation rate in 2006 was 68.6 percent. The top state graduation rate was New Jersey at 86.3 percent, while the lowest was Nevada at 50.5 percent. The National Center for Education Statistics, reported that 73.2 percent of public school students in the class of 2006 graduated on time in four years.

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