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Founded by Dan and Melodee Loshbaugh, Ed.D and their son, Gabe Loshbaugh, in 2004, Brock’s Academy (formerly Northwest Educational Services and Northwest Academy) arose from their desire to help students recover their love for learning. Dr. Mel believes children are born with an inherent passion for learning, and that it is our job to help them cultivate this passion as they stretch towards their full potential. Our organizational mission ensures that students who aren’t getting their needs met educationally are provided the best resources and expertise to put them back at the center of their educational experience.

In 2011, the Loshbaughs decided it was time for a name change. The name Brock’s Academy was chosen to honor the memory of Brock Loshbaugh who died in 2002 at the age of 22. To learn more visit “The Brock Loshbaugh Act” The name is, as they put it,“our way of keeping his love for learning and continual pursuit of knowledge alive.”

Dr Melodee Loshbaugh
Melodee Loshbaugh, EdD – Founder and Executive Director
Dr. Loshbaugh has been an educator for many years. She started her work as an elementary classroom teacher and since that time has taught at the junior high and college level. In pursuit of answers to questions Dr. Loshbaugh had regarding why certain kids were struggling in school, having difficulty learning to read and/or sit still, she began her pursuit of study that includes the following degrees:

MAT in Special Education  |  MAT in Gifted and Talented  |  EdD in Early Literacy Development, 1989, Washington State University

She owes her desire to understand the problems many students are experiencing to her own children, Gabe and Brock, who both temporarily appeared to be struggling early on with the reading process. Although she was a classroom teacher at the time, she says that the preparation needed to really understand the nature of reading difficulties just wasn’t and still isn’t comprehensive enough in basic teaching certification programs. And, in today’s world, it certainly isn’t enough to prepare teachers for the diverse world of students’ needs today. Dr. Mel’s belief is that in today’s world it requires “out of the box” creative alternatives that really put your student at the center of the solution. The sky is the limit when it comes to making sure your child gets what they need.

Dan Loshbaugh
Dan LoshbaughFounder and Operations & Finance Director
Dan is co-founder of Brock’ Academy and is in charge of all things business that make Brock’s Academy run day to day.   He comes to his position with 25 + years experience running his own company.  Dan is an Eagle Scout that spent a good portion of his years as a parent on the end of a clipboard coaching baseball or mentoring a group of kids.   When you call the office you will more than likely be greeted by Dan’s cheery voice and his gift of gab with a particular passion and ability to talk at length about our missions, what we are doing to help kids be successful in the world.   Dan is the business cornerstone of Brock’s Academy; if you have a detail business or invoicing question, he is your contact.




Rachel Kier
Rachel Kier, MS – Administrative Director
Rachel’s interest in education began in her first year of college. Her work with special needs students during that time she shifted directions from a business to an educational focus. After earning her BS Liberal Studies, she went on to teach Junior High and High School, mainly Special Education. After several of years teaching all different types of learners, Rachel realized that it is not a one size fits all situation, and students can really succeed in their ideal environment. Rachel went on to earn her MS in Education with an emphasis in special education to explore learning styles and learn more about the process.

Rachel has been with Brock’s for over three years and she is usually the first person families meet when they contact the school. She genuinely enjoys the process of getting to know each family’s situation, and hearing the success stories unfold. There is never a dull moment, each student’s needs, abilities and goals are so different and seeing the progress and goals met is always a joyful experience to be able to share with our families. It wonderful to be part of the solution, and to have alternatives, and solutions to offer people, a student’s education is one of the most important foundations of life.

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