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Prevent the summer Slide with Reading!

The summer slide, also known as learning loss, occurs during the summer months when kids are out of school.  The National Summer Learning Association estimates kids lose approximately 22% of what they have learned during the summer break, particularly with reading.

This learning loss can cumulatively affect children over the years.  According to the site (Reading is Fundamental), by the end of 6th grade a child can be up to two years behind their classmates in reading.

Girl readingResearch shows if a child reads up to six books during the summer months, that it can help a slow the reading regression.  A fun option for kids is to sign them up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge program  It is a free program that allows them to win books every time they reach a reading milestone.  The local libraries are also a great resource and many of them offer summer reading programs for kids. Encourage your child or teen to read at least 30-minutes every day and to read aloud.  Ask them about the book after they have read it.  This will help them with reading comprehension.

Bring your child to the local library or bookstore, so they can pick out their own books for their summer reading.  This will help motivate them to read.

Another option is to consider signing your child up for a summer school reading program.  Brock’s Academy is offering a Summer Reading Clinic that consists of one-on-one instruction with a reading tutor. The sessions can be in your home or onsite at our Woodinville location and on a flexible schedule. Research shows that a student’s reading ability is the number one indicator of their future academic success.  Why let your child fall further behind?

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