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Educational Consulting

Navigating the many educational options and alternatives available today can be a daunting task, especially when you and your family are experiencing educational difficulties. Brock’s Academy and Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh can help you maneuver through this process as your Educational Consultant. Every child deserves an ideal social and emotional environment in which to learn, grow, and develop. It is our mission to help you find it.

What is an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant can help guide you through the important decision making process when an educational change is necessary for your child. Whether you are considering tutorial intervention or a complete program or school change, the significance of these decisions can be overwhelming.

A consultant can:

• Bring clarity to a confusing array of educational options, and help guide you to high quality alternatives.
• Help you find the right tutor to guide your child over their educational hurdles.
• Help you understand the IEP (Individual Education Program) process and be an advocate for you and your child within their current school.
• Evaluate potential learning disabilities or challenges, and help you decide which additional resources may be the most helpful for your family.
• Assist you in setting objective and realistic goals for your child on their educational journey.
• Evaluate current credits and help you determine necessary requirements for your child to reach graduation.

Why Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh?

Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh has been an educational consultant and learning specialist for over 25 years and holds the following certifications and experience:

• Classroom teacher at Elementary, Junior High, High School, and College Levels
• Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – Special Education
• Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – Gifted and Talented
• Doctor of Education (EdD) – Specialization in Literacy Development

She is nationally recognized as a multidisciplinary expert in understanding how children learn as well as identifying what educational solutions are best for each individual student. She will help you solve whatever educational issues your student may be experiencing. She and her staff at Brock’s Academy have helped hundreds of students reach their full academic potential and dreams. As co-founder of Brock’s Academy and author of, her mission is to help all students retain or recover their passion for learning.

What is the Process?

During the initial visit, we will review the concerns and goals of both the parents and the student. We will conduct a comprehensive interview to determine where the student stands academically, developmentally, and socially. A brief family history will also be taken at this time. Below you will find a list of documents that may help us complete this process. Please provide what you have, and our staff can help obtain additional information if we decide it’s necessary. We look forward to working with you and your family!

Helpful Information & Records

• School Transcripts and Current Grade Reports
• Learning Evaluations & Gifted Testing
• IEP or 504 Documents
• School Records (Infractions, Incident Reports, etc.)
• Teacher Evaluations or Recommendations
• Tutor Evaluations and Summaries

Testing and Evaluation
• Independent Psychological or Educational Evaluations
• Speech & Language Evaluations and Recommendations
• Assessments (Reading, Developmental, Sensory, etc.)
• ADHD Records and Rating Forms

• Psychiatric Evaluations
• Drug & Alcohol Evaluations
• Risk Assessments
• Intervention Records (Previous Hospitalizations, DBT, CBT, etc.)
• Medication History & Pharmacological Interventions and Trials

• Writing Samples
• Academic Award Resume
• Art & Poetry Portfolios
• School and Family Photos
• List of Professional Contacts (Pediatrician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Tutors, etc.)


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