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“I hope you folks realize we’re on board for the next several years because we’re going to need your ongoing help to get this kid graduated.”
Robert’s Mom

Robert’s Story
Age: 14 Hobbies: computer gaming, violin
School: Public Junior High

Robert is very bright and is coping with an extreme form of dsygraphia. As a result, his ability to be successful in a traditional setting without alternative support is very limited, especially with today’s pressures to “become a fluent writer'” earlier than ever before.

Brock’s Solution:

We have worked with Robert for several years now providing a combination education. He takes certain courses at his local public school. For the courses requiring heavy amounts of writing, Robert works with Brock’s Academy. We also provide him “study/homework'” support for his other courses when necessary. Without this type of solution in place Robert wouldn’t be able to reach his potential.

“Because our son was raised in 2 countries for most of his life, he had a hard time fitting into conventional educational schools. Dr. Mel and Brock’s Academy were the answer to my prayers! “
“Dr. Mel and Brock’s Academy were the answer to my prayers! Tutors came to Mexico on a regular basis to instruct, mentor and test my son. He loved the one on one learning and he loved being able to have hands on schooling utilizing the beach, jungle and the culture here to complete his educational requirements. He was never a traditionally motivated student so the opportunity to, for example, paint a mural at the community center as a part of his art requirements, or participate in the turtle nest recovery project here as his science credits, opened a new way of learning for him. He blossomed under a “new” way of learning. I call it whole brain/body education. He graduated high school with almost perfect SAT scores and is now in Mexico at university, learning in Spanish!
Thank you Dr. Mel and everyone at Brock’s Academy. They took a kid that was headed towards dropping out of school and living on the streets, abusing drugs and alcohol, to a star student who is engaged in his education and looks to a bright, productive future.”
“Thank God for Dr. Mel and NWES, it was painful to watch Sam struggling with not only the reading process, but watching his little self-esteem about himself go downhill. I can’t explain how painful that is as a mom. Today that’s changed. He is developing as a reader and feels really good about that. In the context of his classroom he is still a little apprehensive, but that just tells me how hard it is to heal a learner’s self-concept once the damage is done.'”
Sam’s Mom

Sam’s Story
Age: 7
Hobbies: sports, playdates, a love of history
School: Public School

Sam was independently evaluated early in the first grade. The results of this testing indicated that Sam was gifted, but was lagging developmentally as a reader. The approach and competitive classroom environment was really hurting Sam’s self esteem. Today Sam says he loves to read, but hates “school reading.” This is often the case when the student’s early literacy needs aren’t addressed in an appropriate fashion in the classroom.

Brock’s Solution:

We have been working 3 hours a week with Sam providing additional early reading support. We also work closely with Sam’s family to help them understand how children really learn to read, how to evaluate what is happening at school with reading, and how to manage making sure Sam is getting appropriate methodology for his specific learning style. Learning to read needs to be meaning based or, stated another way, “reading to learn things.'” If the “meaning'” becomes only “skill building,'” many students disengage and struggle. Sam has been learning how to read through his love of history and his current interest in wolves.

We also provide coaching to his parents as to home strategies they use.

“I love reading-well at home, but school reading –I don’t like that at all.'”

“I’m so thankful for Katie that Brock’s Academy customizes a creative option for helping her exist.'”
Katie’s Mom

Katie’s Story
Grade: 11th grade
School: Brock’s Academy

Katie suffers from severe depression and as a result was incapable of meeting the attendance standards demanded by public school.

Brock’s Solution:

Katie works with a Brock’s Academy instructor 3 hours a day and will graduate with a Brock’s Academy Washington State Approved High School Diploma.

“Lessa is having so much fun now and is feeling better about herself.'”
Lessa’s Mom

Lessa’s Story
Grade: 4th
School: Local public school

Lessa suffers from dyscalculia, a disability that usually impacts the ability to retain into long-term memory all the important “math facts'”.

Brock’s Solution

We provide 2 hours a week of math instruction and appropriate “learning style'” focused support.

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Some Famous Home-Schooled Students:

  • Will Smith-Actor
  • Frank Lloyd Wright-Architect
  • Robert Frost-Pulitzer Prize Winning poet
  • Duane G. Carey-NASA astronaut
  • John Muir-naturalist
  • Rosa Parks-Civil Rights activist
  • Eleanor Roosevelt-Wife of Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Ansel Adam-photographer
  • Venus & Serena Williams-twin tennis stars
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt-actress
  • Ray Kroc-founder of McDonalds
  • Andrew Carnegie-steel industrialist
  • Louisa May Alcott-author of Little Women

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