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Ways to Help Your Teenager Build Self-Confidence

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The awkward teenage years (13 to 19) can be very stressful for kids.  They cope with many issues such as hormonal changes, low self-esteem and body image, puberty, peer pressure, stress, depression, and higher academic expectations.  Often time’s teens will feel like the whole world is against them.  This is a critical time when parents need to approach their teens and open the lines of communication.  Teenagers’ thoughts and feelings need to be heard and validated by their parents.

Parents help fortify a child’s self-worth from a very young age.  It’s the little things like complimenting them when they have done something well, giving them a hug or kiss or telling them that you love them.

Some tips to help build your teenager’s self-confidence include:

Praise your kids.  Encourage them to feel proud of themselves for their achievements.  Try to tell them what they did “right” rather than wrong.  You want them to feel good about themselves and to develop a belief in their own ability to be successful and happy.

Ask them their Opinions.  Teenagers are full of opinions and love to be heard and treated like grown-ups.

Criticize Constructively.  If your teenager does poorly on a test or is struggling in a class, try and encourage them by saying, “I’m sure you’ll do better next time with a little extra studying.”

Recognize the Power of Your Words.  Try and avoid labels, such as “shy.”  For example, a shy child can be very observant, which can be a strength rather than a weakness.

Encourage Your Teenager to Find their Talents.  Everyone is good at something.  Let your teen know that they have a talent or strength.  Even if they don’t know what their talents are yet, they probably have some interests they can develop into strengths.

It can be amazing to watch a child or teenager grow when their self-confidence is up.  They feel like they can take on the world and are ready to try new things.  A boost in self-confidence can make all the difference in how a teenager does in school and life.




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