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Covid-19 has not disrupted our student’s classes or programs.

At Brock’s we’ve been practicing flexible learning options for years. When COVID-19 entered our state in the spring, we quickly transitioned our students to the safest and most individualized learning plan for
each of them. We’ve remained flexible as the virus has changed our communities and normal ways of life and have several options for families to keep their children learning and engaged.


This model is beneficial for students who want to continue learning but need to limit contact with other people in person. Instruction is 1:1 with various platforms utilized to facilitate teleconferencing between student and teacher/tutor. Brock’s has been using remote virtual instruction for years as well as platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Facetime to connect and communicate effectively with students who needed remote learning for many reasons. As the COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses and schools to have to learn quickly how to use remote options, Brock’s did not have the same challenges. Because we have been using remote learning for years, we were able to pivot quickly and with excellent results, to bring remote learning to all of our students as
needed. We have the ability to support families with any technology needs, direct ship materials and supplies and provide all the support a family needs to be successful in remote/virtual instruction.

Live Virtual learning doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. 

Students’ specific learning needs and unique accommodations are continued in a 1:1 virtual format, just as they were a 1:1, in person setting. To ensure we meet each student’s needs, we are currently using a blend of the following:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Hangouts/Meet
  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Facetime
  • Virtual learning tools such as digital whiteboards and screen capture software 
  • Video game consoles

Currently we are enrolling students for:

Full and partial credits:

Would your student benefit from retaking a class, or finishing all their classes where they left off?  We can customize a plan to achieve this.

*We offer letter grades rather than pass/ fail.


This is our traditional model with 1:1 instruction. Students are in a large, fully enclosed, properly ventilated classroom with only one teacher. All CDC and Health Dept. sanitizing procedures are in place and all students and teachers wear masks and practice social distancing. Before going to a classroom, all people coming to Brock’s have a central check in that includes temperature and symptom checking and recording with sign in and out. We can support your family by tutoring your child and helping them access their online learning at their home school from our site or we can be their fully credentialed private school and deliver the full instruction with a teacher.


This is a model where our teacher or tutor comes to your home or meets at another safely designated place such as a park. Instruction is 1:1 with masks and social distancing required along with daily temperature and symptom recording of everyone. We can bring instruction to your home and keep your exposure limited while still providing an in person experience. We can support your family by tutoring your child with the curriculum they’re already receiving online from their home school or we
can be your fully credentialed private school and deliver the full instruction with a teacher.


This is a new model created to fit the needs of families faced with continued online learning for their
students who need more support for their family but don’t need a full 1:1 program. Pods, or micro
classes, are created with no more than 3 students all taking the same classes (HS) or same grade K-8.
You can bring your own group together of friends and family that you want to know and keep together or we can put a group together of students who are all looking for a small group option. Option 1 is the
student stays in their home school and we work with existing curriculum that is being delivered to the students from their home school to support the learning and give more in depth instruction. Option 2 is that we can provide the entire curriculum and be their private, fully credentialed school. These can be delivered on-site at our facility, or we can deliver in one designated family home to meet the comfort and safety of the group. All COVID-19 safety procedures are followed no matter what the location,
including masks and social distancing.


Your high school student can take any high school full credit course with us at an accelerated pace with 1:1 instruction. Students benefit from 1:1 instruction with personalized attention to their individual learning style and interests. As a fully accredited private school, your high school student can add credits to their transcript or retake classes for an improved grade. We also offer dual enrollment. Does your child thrive in some classes but struggle in others? You can choose how many classes they take with us while still maintaining their part time enrollment at their local high school.


  1. We have a weekly deep clean of our entire site.
  2. We have protocol in place to clean all areas after each use with CDC and Health Department approved and recommended methods.
  3. We have individual enclosed classroom spaces where only one teacher and student work together with masks in place and proper social distancing in place.
  4. Limited, quick movement through common areas limiting contact with other students and staff.
  5. Central check in procedure that involved temperature checking, symptom recording, free masks and sanitizing instructions and signage before anyone is allowed to enter any other part of the site.
  6. Masks are required of anyone on the site or they are given the option of moving outside 12 feet apart for instruction or moving back to remote.
  7. Frequent cleaning of all high touch areas all day.
  8. Clear signage throughout the site reminding of handwashing and social distancing.
  9. Clear signage as you enter the site requiring masks and instructions that need to befollowed to enter the site.
  10. Every staff member and student is checked daily and throughout their day for symptoms and fever.
  11. Action plan in place in case of accidental COVID-19 exposure that involves quarantining and testing for anyone potentially exposed.

Contact us today to talk about how we can support your family and stop the COVID-19 slide from happening with your child! or 425-483-1353

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