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It’s not too early to Start Planning for Summer Classes!

Boy reading in the sunIt’s hard to believe but summer is only a little more than three months away!  If your child struggled in a class and needs to retake a course to fulfill credits or raise their GPA, summer is the perfect time.  Brock’s Academy offers single class options for students year round.  You can take a class for full credit in as little as 50 hours. Classes are offered one-on-one, with a private tutor.  Our classes can be taken in-home or at our new facility in Woodinville.  Students gain a much better understanding of the course material with the one-on-one approach.  Brock’s Academy is a fully accredited Washington State private school.


We provide a comprehensive assessment; set goals based on the student’s current level of performance and design the curriculum to meet each child’s needs and interests.


Brock’s Academy will also be offering several Summer Clinics:


  • Reading Clinic – Research shows that a student’s reading ability is the number one indicator of their future academic success.  Whether your child is struggling due to a learning disability or basic disinterest, our customized one-on-one clinic will produce a more fluent, efficient and comprehensive reader.
  • Writing Clinic – Writing is an art form, and a skill many people struggle with.  There is a lot to master with the writing process, from research, to note taking, to adding the final grammatical touches.  Our one-on-one clinic will help strengthen these abilities and create a skilled, artful writer.
  • Mathematics Clinic – Whether your child is struggling with math, just wants to keep their current momentum going, or is interested in working ahead to prepare for next year’s advanced classes, our one-on-one clinic will provide them with the skill boost they need.


Brock’s Academy offers an interest-based, personalized approach to learning and our summer clinics can be a fun way to boost your child’s confidence and ensure a smoother transition into the upcoming school year. If you are interested in finding out more about our summer clinics and single class options, give Brock’s a call at 425-483-1353.

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