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Is Alternative Education Right for Your Child?

alternative educationIf you did not fit into the traditional public or private school setting growing up, you were likely forced to adapt your learning style, learning preferences and interests to fit the educational system.  Alternative education was probably not considered.  In fact, you may have thought it was only for at-risk youth or families living off the grid.

Old stereotypes could not be further from the truth about contemporary alternative education.

Alternative education or alternative schooling places the student at the center of the learning experience and is used by gifted and talented students, home school students, students with health conditions, students with learning disabilities, students with social challenges, or really any student uninspired or unsupported by the traditional school model.  Alternative education is as diverse as the student populations it serves.  It may be delivered in a group setting, home setting or one-to-one instruction, in person or even online.

With so many choices it may be difficult to know if alternative education is the right choice for your child.  Below are questions to help you evaluate if your child is struggling in the traditional school model and could benefit from alternative education.

  • Does something just not seem right with your child’s educational experience?
  • Does he/she seem unhappy or does it seem as though they could be doing better?
  • Does your child have learning challenges?
  • Is it easier for your child to learn certain subjects one-on-one?
  • Does your child need a special education program customized for them?
  • Is your child gifted and talented and would benefit from an accelerated curriculum?
  • Is your child behind in graduation credits?
  • Has your child fallen behind due to illness or missed school days?
  • Is your family traveling out of the country for extended period of time?
  • Is your child working on a creative project or involved with an athletics team that requires large commitments of time that interferes with schoolwork?
  • Has your child been bullied or suffer from social challenges that make going to school painful?

You no longer need to watch as your child is forced to fit into a one-size fits all educational system.  Thanks to alternative education, you have the choice to force the educational system to fit your child.

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