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How Hiring the Right Math Tutor May Repair Your Child’s Transcript

Student Working with a Math TutorIf your child’s semester math grade was lower than desired, you have most likely engaged a math tutor.  Hiring a math tutor will guide your child toward future success, but does little to improve his or her transcript – unless you hire a tutor that works for an accredited private school with transcript acceptance across the nation.  If your child works with a math tutor associated with an accredited private school, your child could re-take the math course and improve his or her grade.

It is a little known fact that students can re-take courses and that the re-take grade will be added to a transcript, or depending upon the school district, even replace the former failing math grade.

If your child  has earned a poor math grade and you are looking at engaging a math tutor, ask if it is possible for your child to not only learn the upcoming math curriculum, but to be instructed in the prior semester’s math concepts using an accredited curriculum so they may improve or earn a better grade on their transcript.  Many private alternative schools, both general education and specialized STEM schools, will offer dual enrollment with your child’s current school.

Dual enrollment means your child’s math tutor can also be your child’s math teacher, re-teaching the math class to your child.  Dual-enrollment using a private alternative school is possible for public school students, private school students and “charter” schools. Your child will earn an accredited transcript from both institutions, and a good alternative school will have worked with the public and private schools in your area, clarifying how the dual enrollment and second math grade will be handled.

Students Who Would Benefit from a Math Tutor Working for a Private School

  • Students needing a better math grade to stay on track for college admissions
  • Students missing core math concepts taught the prior semester
  • Students missing core math skills taught from prior years
  • Students struggling with scheduling conflicts due to sports, music or work
  • Students with dyscalculia
  • Students who have an IEP, 504, or anxiety issues and need a more personalized math program
  • Students who want a tailored math environment to achieve their potential and earn the highest GPA.
  • Students who would like to add additional years of math or science to improve their college resume

Every student struggles at some point.  If your child struggled with math last semester, hiring a math tutor should improve his or her future performance.  Hiring a math tutor that also works for an accredited private school means your child can re-take the math class and improve not only their future, but also their past.

  1. Having a math tutor really can make all the difference in a child’s learning. Growing up I struggled with math and never could get my arms around it. It wasn’t until a nice older lady on the next street offered to tutor in me and help me understand the basics. This helped me in ways I can’t even describe and I will forever be grateful that she took the time to tutor me.

    • Jorge – so glad you had a tutor that could bring math alive. We love to see the light come on in our students like it did for you.

  2. Thanks for explaining how beneficial it can be to hire a math tutor for your child. It makes sense that private tutoring can greatly improve test scores and confidence in the subject matter. My son has been struggling with math recently, and I don\’t want him to start falling behind, so I will have to start looking into available tutoring services.

  3. Fantastic reason to hire a tutor!

  4. I can see the benefits of hiring a math tutor. My youngest son has a problem with math, and seems to fail all the classes he is in. I think he has anxiety issues, so a personalized math program would help him, I think.

  5. I appreciate the information on how hiring a math tutor can help your child. I had no idea that some schools offer to completely replace a grade if you retake the class and do better in it, I thought it would just be an average of the grade. My sister is debating on hiring a math tutor for her daughter, I will be sure to share this information with her.

  6. I think it’s okay to struggle sometimes, you just need to know when and where to look for help. I also think the article makes a good point that a math tutor can make a difference in the student’s math grades, and overall transcript. I’ve read elsewhere that a tutor can help instill practices and habits for study and learning that spill over into other academic disciplines too such as reading and writing. This makes hiring a tutor for a child who seems to be struggling a very attractive option.

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