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Exceptionally Bright Child, Yet Struggling in School?

Mother with son.Do you have an exceptionally bright child who struggles in school?  Do they have a learning disability and the school doesn’t know how to help them learn?  Do they test at the gifted level and yet they are only getting C’s and B’s?  Are you a parent that KNOWS THEIR CHILD CAN DO BETTER?  These students are often referred to as Twice-exceptional or 2e students.  They are often atypical students that test above average, yet their grades don’t reflect their capability.  They are bright but seem unmotivated and lack self-confidence.

Student characteristics:  “Twice-exceptional students are atypical learners who are often characterized as smart students with school problems. These students assume that learning tasks will be easy for them and are not prepared for the difficulty that arises from activities in areas of their disability. This leads to frustration, tension, and fear that eventually becomes defensiveness. Due to this frustration, these students often tend to be aggressive, careless, and frequently off-task. They also cause classroom disturbances, and, similar to learning disabled students, seem deficient in tasks emphasizing memory and perceptual abilities. In other areas, their learning characteristics resemble those of high ability students. For example, they may excel at assignments involving abstract thinking and problem solving (Baum, 1984a, 1984b; Baum & Owen, 1988).”

Brock’s Academy can help your child reach their highest potential.  Our program specializes in helping students learn with a one-on-one approach.  We work with kids that are gifted and have special education needs. Our tutors assess where the child is at with their curriculum and can bring them up to speed.  We help with organizational issues and will boost your child’s self-confidence.


Brock’s Academy can tutor students in the comfort of their own home or onsite at our new Woodinville Center.  We offer customized homework support in all subjects.  We have single-class options where a student can retake a class for a better grade and raise their GPA.  Brock’s Academy also provides full-time one-on-one private school curriculum for K-12 students. If you have an exceptionally bright child, and you know they are not reaching their fullest potential, give Brock’s Academy a call at 425-483-1353.

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