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Homeschooling Ancillary Program

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenging job and a huge responsibility to take on your child’s education. There are many benefits to homeschooling: Parents can control what subjects their children learn and when they learn it. Homeschooling allows for a flexible

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Tips to Help Your Child Improve their Math Grades

Math can become very overwhelming for kids if they don’t understand the concepts.  Sometimes it’s best to take a few steps backward and relearn the concept from the beginning.  If your child or student doesn’t understand something, have them work on that topic until they master it

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How to Reduce Test Anxiety

An upcoming test can cause some students a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.  When a student is anxious they may not perform to the best of their ability on a test.  High test anxiety affects up to 20% of students. Many students report tests and schoolwork

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Building Friendships in School

School can be a great place for kids to build lifelong friendships; however, for some kids it can also be a place where they feel very alone.  Cliques form early, kids make fun of each other, teasing and bullying occur daily.  School can be cruel.  It’s sad,

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Behavior of the Spirited Child

  The spirited child is MORE of everything.  These children are more persistent, intense, sensitive, energetic, perceptive, and serious than other children.  They are often uncomfortable with change and struggle with transitions. These intense, spirited children can be difficult for a parent and teacher to tame without

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Tips to Help Your Child with Writing

Writing can be a major source of stress for many students, especially if they struggle with a learning disability.  Students that have illegible handwriting and poor spelling often times will become frustrated and give up on the writing process all together.  These students, however, are often of

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What Steps Need to be Taken to Resolve a Special Education Dispute?

If your child has an IEP or 504 and is participating in the public school special education program and the school is not following the guidelines, what do you do? According to the OSPI, Office of Public Instruction, there are three options under the Individuals with Disabilities

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Strategies to Ease your Child’s Transition to Middle School

The transition to middle school is a big step in your child’s life.  The school is bigger with many more kids.  There are multiple teachers and class subjects and a schedule to follow.  Just finding the correct classroom is a challenge.  Students will have lockers with combinations

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What are the Signs or Symptoms of a Learning Disability?

What is a learning disability?  How can you tell if your child has one?  It is estimated that approximately 10% of all students have some form of a learning disability.  The term learning disability is defined as a “neurological condition that interferes with a person’s ability to

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Brock’s Academy Provides ESL Tutoring Support

Brock’s Academy has tutors that are ESL/English language certified! We provide tutoring support to help students to learn to speak fluent English and excel in school! Our tutors use one-on-one specialized ESL techniques to assist your student in all subject areas. We assess where each student is

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