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Schoolboy Struggling with Math ProblemsBy the year 2020, IT jobs will grow by 22%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Demand for Software Developers is expected to increase 28% to 32%.  Despite this increase, United States schools are not teaching kids how to code.  One of the main obstacles to incorporating Computer Science classes into the U.S. curriculum is the lack of teachers with technical skills.  Schools are having a difficult time retaining teachers who develop technical skills.

U.S. employers have approximately 150,000 jobs to fill in the Computer Science and Math sectors each year.  However, universities and colleges only have 100,000 students graduating each year with degrees in these fields.  “There aren’t enough people to fill these jobs because technology and the job market are moving much faster than education in high schools and colleges,” according to Mark Lassoff, founder of  Growing demand in the IT sector and lack of graduates could have a negative impact on the U.S. economy in the future.  For the U.S. to maintain economic competitiveness in the 21st Century, it is critical that we teach our young how to code, according to Paypal founder, Max Levchin.

To bridge this gap in education, leaders in the technology industry and education, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, former President Bill Clinton, NBA star Chris Bosh, and actor Ashton Kutcher, support a non-profit organization called is working to bring technology education into our elementary and high schools across the nation.  The organization has fun online games and tutorials to teach children and educators how to understand coding.  Another organization that helps children to learn programming is StudentRND.  StudentRND is an organization that offers online games and tutorials on how to build websites.  The organization’s goal is to create the next generation of technologists.

The next generation will need to learn basic coding skills to be competitive in the workforce.  Since U.S. schools are not teaching programming to our children, it will be up to parents to find resources and classes such as to help our kids gain the skills they need. Brock’s Academy can help. Find out how.

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