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Let Your Child Design Their Own Summer School

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What if your child could design their own summer learning program?

At Brock’s Academy they can.  We combine your child’s interests with skill building summer tutoring or classes.  Here are three creative ways parents, children and Brock’s built custom learning solutions. (note: all student names were changed to protect privacy)


An American Girl Summer

Emily did not finish first grade reading at standard.  Knowing a student’s reading ability is the number one indicator of their future academic success, Emily’s mother sought a summer reading program to help Emily practice her skills.
One of our reading specialist met with Emily and her mother to evaluate Emily’s reading needs and discover Emily’s interests.  Emily brought her new American girl doll to the session, which had the companion book that was beyond Emily’s reading level.  Our specialist built Emily a custom program where she read books at her level, about the time era and geographic location of her doll.  Instead of reading practice being a chore to battle over, Emily became much more open to reading as it gave her a way to support her own interest.
A very fun conclusion was a family vacation her mother coordinated with Emily’s Brock’s instruction.  Together they created a map of the trip and areas that corresponded with the history of Emily’s doll.  The anticipation of the trip worked as a great reading motivator for Emily.


Global Warming Activism

Matt is a gifted student on the autism spectrum.  As often happens with twice gifted students, Matt’s high intelligence and special needs truly taxed his local school and his parents felt he had not performed to his full ability.
One of our special education instructors met with Matt and his parents to design a summer program to support Matt’s specialized instruction while allowing him to deeply explore a topic of his interest – the threat of global warming.  Across the summer behavioral strategies were woven into a curriculum focused on Matt’s topic of interest.  For his final project Matt filmed a series of videos which he posted to a website he built.  All with the goal of educating others on the topic of global warming.
So often at Brock’s we see amazing academic performance from the twice gifted student, once the environment is designed to fit their needs.  In addition to having a great time digging deeply into a topic of passion, Matt learned, along with his parents, new insight and strategies they could use for the coming school year.

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