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It’s Nearly the End of the First Quarter 2013 ~ How is Your Child Doing?

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Only three weeks until the end of the First Quarter 2013 school year.  It is time to assess how your child is doing in school!  Do they need extra help in any classes?  Do they seem motivated to go to school?  Do they seem happy?  Early intervention is the key to success.

Brock’s Academy can help you assess your child’s progress and design a customized approach to educational support.  We hire the best tutors that work one-on-one to provide learning with a personalized approach.  A tutor can help build a child’s self-confidence, so learning can be fun again.  Our tutors will work with a child step-by-step to ensure they gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter.  We work with kids to build their organizational skills and help them develop good study habits.  We can go at an accelerated learning pace or a slower one to accommodate each individual child.  We also offer a flexible schedule and year round curriculum to fit anyone’s needs.

Now is the time to assess your child’s progress and give them the boost they need for the rest of the school year.  Brock’s academy works with kids K-12 and provides tutoring support, single class options and premium one-on-one in-home private school classes.  We also specialize in SAT/ACT test preparation.  If you are looking for tutoring support for your child give Brock’s Academy a call at 425-483-1353 or visit:

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