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How to Encourage Good Study Habits


Teaching a child how to study for a test or quiz requires more preparation than kids are often taught in school.  It can be helpful at home to create a nightly routine to help your child learn good study habits.  Here are some tips to help your child prepare for an upcoming test:

  • Ask the teacher if there will be a study guide or if they can provide study tips to help prepare for the test. Often time’s teachers will share focal points of what is on the test.
  • Make a study schedule.  Try to study over the course of a week and not just one night.
  • Have a quiet place to study with no distractions.
  • Get organized.  Organize each subject in school in a different folder.  Before an upcoming test review previous homework assignments and handouts from a teacher.
  • Learn to take notes in class.  Understand that it is not necessary to write everything the teacher says down.  Instead listen for key words, definitions or highlights to write down.  Try to take notes in an outline format or bullet points.  Take notes while reading chapters in the book.  Sometimes it can be helpful to rewrite notes to review and memorize the material.
  • Help your child learn to skim the material and look for highlighted words or bold phrases.  Key points will frequently be highlighted in the book.
  • After a chapter has been completed, it can be helpful to ask your child to summarize what was read to help them to understand the material.
  • Make flashcards for quick review of dates, formulas, spelling words, etc.  Practice the flash cards nightly.
  • If studying for a math or science test.  Answer the end-of-chapter and/or end-of-unit questions and review any charts or tables in the chapter.  Review any homework assignments and redo any incorrect problems so you understand how to do the problem correctly.
  • Get a good night sleep before a test and eat a good breakfast.
  • Review notes right before the test.


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