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High School Credit Retrieval!

Credit Retrieval

Competition to get into college is fierce!  A good high school GPA can make all the difference for your son or daughter to get into the college that they want.  If your high schooler has failed a class or has done poorly in a specific subject, consider signing them up for a high school credit retrieval course through Brock’s Academy.  We offer students a flexible schedule, in-home services, at an accelerated pace with full course credit in as little as 50 hours.

Brock’s Academy provides fully accredited Washington State credits in any class subject.  Typical reasons for a credit retrieval situation may be: to re-take a class in order to improve the student’s grade and overall GPA, fulfill the credits, to have a better understanding of the content, or all of the above.  Brock’s is an accredited K-12 private school offering a full school program, individual classes, and tutorial support for all classes at all levels. Please keep us in mind if you encounter a student who may be in need of a credit retrieval alternative, or just some additional tutoring support.

We will work with your child one-on-one to help them boost their GPA and get in to the college of their choice!

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