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Fun Educational Ideas for Summer!


Yeah!  Summer is almost here!  Here are some fun summer tips to keep your children engaged and learning even during their playtime.

1.  EXPLORE:  Take them on a nature hike and explore.  This will stimulate them and is a good way to keep children’s minds sharp as they help improve coordination, balance and movement.

2.  PUZZLES:  Work on puzzles together.  Puzzles can help children with visual-perceptual and spatial concepts.  Puzzles develop attention, concentration and thinking skills such as recognizing, remembering, matching, sorting and problem solving.  All of these skills will help them with math. 

3.  PHOTOGRAPHY:  Taking pictures allows children to be creative and they learn spatial skills and angles, shapes and sizes.  If you have a computer with photo editing software such as Photoshop, allow your child to play with the photos and change the colors.  You will be surprised what they will learn how to do on their own!

4.  SCIENCE:  Let them try some fun science experiments, such as building a solar oven out of a pizza box and cook an egg in it:  Or check out the National Geographic page on fun science experiments:

5.  READ:  Reading fun books throughout the summer is a great way to help your children maintain their skills.  After they finish a book ask them to tell you about the story which will help them improve their comprehension.  You can go to the library at the beginning of the summer and pick out several books that may interest them.  Mystery and science fiction books are always fun!  Comic books are also a great alternative.  Offering your child a reward at the end of summer for reading a certain number of books is also a good incentive.

The more active you can keep your children’s minds during the summer, the better!


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