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From Northwest Academy to Brock’s Academy

Brock's Academy LogoDr. Melodee Loshbaugh founded Northwest Academy in Woodinville over ten years ago with the mission to kindle the natural love of learning found within every child.  As a veteran public school teacher Dr. Mel saw some students thrive in a traditional school setting while others struggled, became discouraged and even grew to hate school.  Believing that sometimes the school structure doesn’t suit the child, she began a journey to create customized learning environments so all students could reach their potential.

In 2011, Northwest Academy was renamed to Brock’s Academy to honor the memory of Dr. Mel’s son, Brock Loshbaugh.  Sadly, Brock died in at the age of 22.  His mother changed the name of Northwest Academy to Brock’s Academy to keep Brock’s love for learning and continual pursuit of knowledge alive.

She and the teachers and staff at Brock’s Academy, continue to hold true to the original founding mission of Northwest Academy.  As more students have used Brock’s Academy to nurture their academic pursuits, the school has expanded, moving to a beautiful Woodinville tutoring center.

As a long-time Woodinville tutoring service and private school, friends and families of Northwest Academy alumni have struggled to find Northwest Academy – because it was renamed Brock’s Academy.  However, the internet connects us in so many ways, and we were pleased to receive an inspiring thank you letter from a mother who had originally contacted Northwest Academy and finally determined that the Brock’s Academy signs she sees daily actually belong to the same school and Dr. Mel.

This child never attended Northwest Academy, because his mother found the support and courage she needed in one powerful phone call.  As a reminder to how influential words can be and the power of an involved parent we want to share a few of her words:

“I was going through a bunch of old papers and ran across a brochure from Northwest Academy.  Out of curiosity, I did an internet search and discovered it is now Brock Academy.  I have seen signs around Woodinville, but of course, didn’t know it was your school.

We have never met, but spoke on the phone many years ago.  I was desperately looking for help with my son. I remember describing some things to you, and then asking for your help with tutoring services, etc.  You told me, ‘It sounds like you are on the right track and you should just keep doing what you are doing’.

Well, a long time has passed (probably 8 or 9 years at least) and my son is now 17.  I have been teaching him and learning with him since the day after we spoke.  I was told he would never learn to read, but he is now reading at about a 3rd grade level.  I absolutely love to listen to him read.  It has been one of the thrills of my life.”

The transformation of Northwest Academy to Brock’s Academy symbolizes Dr. Mel’s deep love for her family and her belief that students and their families have the power to change desperation into positive learning and life experiences.

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