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Teaching Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder Students

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students, formerly called Asperger’s, are often the most challenging for teachers.  ASD students commonly have above average intellect and are high functioning.  It can be difficult at first, to tell the child even has a disability.  These children typically lack in social skills

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Exceptionally Bright Child, Yet Struggling in School?

Do you have an exceptionally bright child who struggles in school?  Do they have a learning disability and the school doesn’t know how to help them learn?  Do they test at the gifted level and yet they are only getting C’s and B’s?  Are you a parent

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Teaching Kids Programming.

By the year 2020, IT jobs will grow by 22%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Demand for Software Developers is expected to increase 28% to 32%.  Despite this increase, United States schools are not teaching kids how to code.  One of the main obstacles

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Understanding the Adolescent Brain

The adolescent brain is continually evolving, making new connections and will continue to do so until the child reaches their early 20’s. Teenagers are often moody, show lack of judgment and can be unreasonable, especially during stressful times. Their unpredictable behavior can be hard for parents to

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Mid-Terms are Nearly Here! How is Your Child Doing?

The second quarter of the school year is half over, but there is still time to help your child raise their GPA!  Mid-terms are coming up soon and teachers are busy collecting assignments, any missing work and assessing each student’s progress.  Now is a good time to

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The Benefits of Interest-Based Learning

Often times you will hear from children “School is boring,” or “I hate school” or “Why do the teachers just keep teaching us the same thing over and over?”  The benefits of interest-based learning is that the teachers have the ability to combine an interest of the

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

The New Year 2014 has kicked off and it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  The kids bounded out the door today, after a two week hiatus and finally everyone is back on a set routine.  You take a sip of your coffee and

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Defiant Behavior in School, What is a Parent to do?

Do you routinely get calls from the principal saying that your child is not cooperating in school?  Are they refusing to do their school work?  Do they routinely misbehave and bother others?  Do they have trouble focusing and can’t sit still?  Do they argue with the teachers?

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Ways to Help Your Teenager Build Self-Confidence

The awkward teenage years (13 to 19) can be very stressful for kids.  They cope with many issues such as hormonal changes, low self-esteem and body image, puberty, peer pressure, stress, depression, and higher academic expectations.  Often time’s teens will feel like the whole world is against

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How to Encourage Good Study Habits

Teaching a child how to study for a test or quiz requires more preparation than kids are often taught in school.  It can be helpful at home to create a nightly routine to help your child learn good study habits.  Here are some tips to help your

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