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5 Easy Ways to Keep Kids School-Sharp Over Holiday Break!

board-gamesStudents and parents look forward to enjoying some downtime during the long holiday break. However, along with this opportunity to relax, comes a disruption in academic routine.

For some children the lack of a school routine over the holiday break makes it difficult to get back in the swing of things when starts back up. Yet school on vacation may not be their first choice.

Don’t despair.

There are easy and fun ways to keep your child school-ready over holiday break. Here are five easy ways you can keep your child school-sharp over the holidays.

1. Family board game night.

Board games are one of the best kept secrets for helping kids develop good organizational and executive functioning skills, teaching them to plan, problem solve, organize, and persevere.

2. Stay focused on school and learning.

Use the break to brainstorm on upcoming essay topics, create a reading list for the rest of the year’s book reports or read ahead in the class novel.

3. Involve the kids in creating the family’s holiday schedule.

Use a white board. Have your child fill in all of the activities for the holiday break. Post it in the kitchen or another room of the house where it will be seen by everyone, and review it with your children daily. Modeling this organizational technique will be beneficial in your child’s development of effective time management skills.

4.Clean out backpacks and reorganize homework zones.

Fresh starts are always invigorating! Help your kids clean out their backpacks and binders over the break. Recycle old assignments and half used scratch paper, and re-stock with a fresh supply of notebook paper and pencils. Check supplies at home as well, is their ‘homework zone’ stocked and ready to go for the New Year?

5. Set academic goals for the New Year.

Look back and reflect with your child on how the school year has been going so far. Bring to their attention how the specific tools you’ve implemented together have been successful. Make a list together of things they’d like to focus on in the coming months, and post it where they will see it regularly.

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