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Tips to Prepare for Your Child’s Graduation

Sea OtterGraduation had me sobbing over otters.  Kindergartners dressed as otters singing goodbye to kindergarten and hello to big kid school.

Fast-forward to high school and I’m digging through my purse for a receipt or anything mop up the tears as I look at my strong, confident son, but see my little otter.

School transitions create disruptive change, not just for students, but for their parents.  Smart parents know this and prepare.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your child’s graduation.

Plan with your child how you will celebrate the accomplishment.

From kindergarten post-ceremony lunches to high school parties, graduations give you a unique opportunity to plan and then enjoy a special day with your child.  Partner with your child, no matter what graduation you are celebrating, and craft a celebration that you both will love.

Give yourself permission to mourn the passing of time.

When asked what would they do if they could go back anywhere in time, most moms answer, “hold my baby again.”  It is o.k. to take a minute to close your eyes and smell your baby’s freshly washed hair even if it’s soon to be covered with a mortarboard.

Help your child build a transition plan.

All academic transitions should be planned from kindergarten through college.  Talk with your child about what to expect at the next academic stage and how they will manage their new environment.  Seek outside resources including other parents, academic coaches, and academic readiness classes.

Bring a camera and tissue to every event – just in case.

Be ready to capture both memories and tears.  Knowing you’re prepared for both no matter what occurs will help you relax and enjoy the moment.

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