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Tips to Help Your Child Get Caught up in School after an Illness.

Child SneezingThe flu season is still here, unfortunately.  Which means we have sick kiddos staying home from school.  It can be tough on a child to go back to school after an illness, especially when their immune system is down and they feel weak and tired.  Trying to get caught up with a mountain of homework when there has been missed instruction is even more frustrating.

Here are some tips to help kids get caught up after an illness:

  1. Communicate with the teachers that your child has been ill and ask them to pull together a packet of any missed assignments.
  2. Give your child an extra day of rest before they go back to school, so they are fully recovered and don’t relapse.
  3. Contact a guidance counselor or a point person to help your child navigate any missed assignments or missed instruction.
  4. Arrange with the teachers additional tutoring time, especially in core-classes such as science, math, and language arts, so they can get caught up on missed instruction.  This will help them to do their assignments.

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