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Girl ReadingWhile video games may not be as bad for students as was once thought, there is one activity so beneficial to a student’s success that its importance cannot be overstated. This activity has been linked to improved performance in English, Social Studies, History, Foreign Language and even Science and Math classes. It is a necessary part of autonomous learning and self-teaching outside the classroom. And until we develop the ability to download information directly into the human brain, this activity remains the most efficient means of communication and learning. We are of course talking about reading.

Students who read often not only tend to succeed well in elementary and high school, but go on to be better equipped for handling college courses and post-secondary level education. And unlike video games, which over stimulate the brain and keep children awake, reading can be done before bed and has been shown to help with sleeping. Reading helps improve student’s memory retention and ability to ask significant questions. It also helps to develop the imagination, creativity and student’s abilities to visualize what they’re learning.

So how can you encourage your child to read more? Try to make reading a daily part of their studying. Have them read at least 30 minutes a day of any book of their choice. As they get used to the routine and after they’ve read a few of their own books, start suggesting or giving them more challenging texts to read. Also, try to give them a variety of different kinds of books. Provide for them non-fiction as well as fiction, and include such variety as classic literature, modern novels, journalism, short stories, sci-fi and even poetry. Reading is a self-reinforcing behavior, and once they get into the habit of reading they will start engaging in the text and will read more and seek out material to read on their own. After a few months, you may discover that your child prefers books over video games.

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