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Five Free Homework Websites

Parent and student using a laptop togetherTears flow freely after spending an hour trying to solve a math problem.  My child pats my back sympathetically and reminds me to use a “growth mindset” when facing a challenge.

Experts may debate if and when parents should help with homework, but the reality exists that when our children struggle, we want to help.

However, sometimes “help” can become hurt when it comes to homework.  Even when we know the concept, such as long division, the teaching methods used with our children may make long division look like a foreign language.  Frustrating and confusing for all involved.

At Brock’s we’re always looking to take the “work” out of homework.

Here are five free websites you and your child could use to help with homework.  We found some of these sites so much fun you and your child might want to explore them even if you don’t have a homework challenge.

Free and easy academic enrichment.  Enjoy!

Five Free Homework Websites (math, English, science) – It was started by a 9 year old and his dad in the 1990’s and has links to websites on lots of topics, including mythology and botany. (math, history, nature, music, art, English) – interactive, engaging, multimedia content (math, science, economics, arts, humanities, computer science, test prep, etc.) – extensive course library that includes narrated videos and assessments (social studies) – collection of facts and statistics about each state; it also has links to local newspapers, etc. (animals, space, food, countries, science) – has hundreds of copyright-free, kid-friendly images for use in projects and presentations (test prep) – thousands of teacher and student created short quizzes called quizlets that are great for test preparation – bonus your child could or create a quizlet of their very own

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