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child_writingWriting can be a frustrating business. Unlike Math and Science there are often no clear rules to follow, no steps to take to get to the right answer. Yet writing remains an important life skill, even in today’s technologically advanced society. Sending emails, creating presentations, writing applications or filling out reports, most adults write in their day to day life. And explaining how to write can also be frustrating, as most of us make writing choices based on intuition and feel, things which are difficult to describe or give reason for.

In order to help, here are some resources on explaining the craft of writing. Whether your child is frustrated with writing essays, book reports or stories, or would just like to learn more about writing, these resources have been selected for authors of all ages!

  • reference Guide.Links to many guides for writing. Plus you can sign up for the word of the day.
  •  Elements of Style (6th Edition):Affectionately referred to as the Little Grey Book, this has been the style guide for essayists for almost one hundred years. The book in its latest edition continues to be popular for it’s concise advice and helpful explanation of style and word choice. And the book is now free on online!
  •  The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) General Writing Resources:For any questions that need to be answered quick about the structure of different essays, citations and even application letters for college, this is an easy to use resource for finding your answers.

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