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Are you looking for ideas to keep your kids busy this summer?

Here is a cool website that lists a ton of fun science projects for kids’ grades kindergarten through 8th grade: Science Kids. Kids can learn interesting science facts by conducting simple experiments using products that can be found in your own house!

Some examples of experiments include, making quicksand, mixing oil and water, diet coke and Mentos geyser eruption, vinegar volcano, make glowing water, make fake snot (the boys will love this, LOL), a tornado in a bottle, an easy lava lamp and many more experiments to choose from! You will want to have adult supervision, of course.

This website also has fun, interactive online science games where kids can learn about living things such as plants, animals and the human body. There are also categories for physical processes, solids, liquids and gases, math games and detective science games. Check it out! Science For Kids!

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