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Doodling Helps Improve Writing Skills

Does your child doodle in class?  Do you sometimes get emails home from teachers saying your child was not paying attention and complain they were doodling?  Research shows doodling can actually be beneficial for a child.  Doodling opens up neural pathways in the brain that can actually result in a higher level of concentration.

Doodle ShapesDoodling and drawing can also help a child with their writing.  According to Misty Adoniou, a senior lecturer in literacy and teaching English as a second language at the University of Canberra, in Australia, “Children who draw before they tackle writing tasks produce better writing–it’s longer, more syntactically sophisticated and has a greater variety of vocabulary. It is likely this is because the act of drawing concentrates the mind on the topic at hand, and provides an avenue for rehearsal before writing–rather like a first draft where they can sort things out before having to commit words to a page.”

It is hard for children to stay focused all the time and doodling allows for their mind to release stress, which in turn opens their minds.  Doodling can also help a restless child keep calm and focus.  Doodling is beneficial and even necessary, according to Sunni Brown, the author of “The Doodle Revolution.”

“There is no such thing as a mindless doodle”
~Sunni Brown.

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