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Brock’s Academy Celebrates Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Brock's academy ribbon cutting ceremony.Brock’s Academy celebrated the Grand Opening of its new center in Downtown Woodinville on Thursday, March 27, 2014. Woodinville Mayor, Bernie Talmas and members of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, helped Brock’s Academy with the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Brock’s Academy, locally owned and in business since 2004, offers premium, one-on-one tutoring support and private school classes for K-12.  Services are provided both onsite at the new Woodinville location and in-home throughout the Puget Sound region. The new site, located in the Woodinville Town Center, allows Brock’s Academy to expand its services to cater to children that may need a more structured learning environment.  The school will continue to provide in-home services as well.  Brock’s Academy serves students and families who are looking for something different due to learning style differences, learning challenges and disabilities, or desire a non-traditional flexible school schedule and calendar. The school offers year round classes and year round open enrollment. Each student’s program is customized to meet their individual learning needs and interests.

Whether a student needs homework support, needs to retake a class, needs help with organization or study skills, Brock’s can help.  The school offers a flexible schedule with interest-based learning that can be during the day, evening or weekends.  Tutors work with each student one-on-one to ensure they reach their highest potential.  Brock’s Academy’s personalized approach to learning will help boost your child’s confidence and raise their GPA.

You can check out Brock’s new site at 17636 140th Ave. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072 or go to

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Phone: 425-483-1353
Toll Free 1-855-8 BROCKS

17636 140th Ave. NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

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Autism vs. Awesome-ism©
By Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, Co-founder & Executive Director of Brock’s Academy, Woodinville, WA

>What if we decided to just open our minds and see things from a wider, more diverse perspective?

>What if we didn't easily label and categorize people that we perceive to be different than us?

>What if we learned to think about people and differences as not right or wrong, but just different gifts?

>What if we fully believed and accepted that there is, and always has been, neurodiversity (i.e. cognitive differences) in the world?

>What if we accepted that neurodiversity is a brilliant achievement of Mother Nature?

>What if we entered each day believing each one of us is uniquely created and here to serve a higher purpose?

>What if we believed our job is to support one another in achieving that higher purpose?

>What if our differences are here to teach us appreciation, compassion, acceptance and to challenge us to stay open to all?

>What would that be like? # # #

Ryan, a 14-year old autistic student, writes:
>Meet me where I am.
>Stop trying to fix me. I don’t try to fix you.
>See my gifts, talents and strengths, not things you think I should have; see the “me” I was born with.
>Learn from me. Sit with me. Try to see the world from my perspective.
>Love me unconditionally and find ways to support me in what I came here to contribute to the world.
>Appreciate me.
>Just because I am experiencing the world in a different way than you are doesn’t mean it’s wrong, so stop judging me.
>I am me and I am beautiful.
>I am happy and I am whole. # # #

Copyright 2017—Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh
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