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Tips to Help Your Child Improve their Math Grades

Schoolboy Struggling with Math Problems

Math can become very overwhelming for kids if they don’t understand the concepts.  Sometimes it’s best to take a few steps backward and relearn the concept from the beginning.  If your child or student doesn’t understand something, have them work on that topic until they master it before moving on to the next topic. Since math is taught sequentially and each topic builds on the next, it is essential to master one topic at a time.  The number one reason that people struggle in math class is because their basics and fundamentals are not fully developed.

When learning a new concept, be sure to do the practice problems at the end of each section in your book.  Check your answers and keep trying until you figure it out.  Work on the easiest problems first to build your confidence.  Confidence is everything in math.

Don’t try to do the math problems in your head.  Write everything down and solve the problem one step at a time.  Don’t try to skip steps.

Do homework and study in a quiet place with no distractions like TV or music.  Don’t do math homework late at night.

After you have figured out a problem, try and explain to someone like a friend, teacher or parent.  If you can explain your answer then it shows you have a good understanding of the topic.

Try and use good handwriting and keep your math in neat, orderly, vertical lines.  Be sure to use a pencil and eraser when working on math problems.  Many math mistakes are made from poor handwriting.

If the problem lends to it, try and draw a picture of what you are trying to do.  Visual drawings can help work out what the problem is that you are trying to solve.

After you have mastered a particular concept, read a section ahead in your math book and so you will be prepared for tomorrow’s material.

Remember confidence is the key to being successful in math.  Practice makes perfect and if you are still struggling, ask your teacher for extra help or consider hiring outside help, such as a math tutor.

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By Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, Co-founder & Executive Director of Brock’s Academy, Woodinville, WA

>What if we decided to just open our minds and see things from a wider, more diverse perspective?

>What if we didn't easily label and categorize people that we perceive to be different than us?

>What if we learned to think about people and differences as not right or wrong, but just different gifts?

>What if we fully believed and accepted that there is, and always has been, neurodiversity (i.e. cognitive differences) in the world?

>What if we accepted that neurodiversity is a brilliant achievement of Mother Nature?

>What if we entered each day believing each one of us is uniquely created and here to serve a higher purpose?

>What if we believed our job is to support one another in achieving that higher purpose?

>What if our differences are here to teach us appreciation, compassion, acceptance and to challenge us to stay open to all?

>What would that be like? # # #

Ryan, a 14-year old autistic student, writes:
>Meet me where I am.
>Stop trying to fix me. I don’t try to fix you.
>See my gifts, talents and strengths, not things you think I should have; see the “me” I was born with.
>Learn from me. Sit with me. Try to see the world from my perspective.
>Love me unconditionally and find ways to support me in what I came here to contribute to the world.
>Appreciate me.
>Just because I am experiencing the world in a different way than you are doesn’t mean it’s wrong, so stop judging me.
>I am me and I am beautiful.
>I am happy and I am whole. # # #

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