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Is Your Child Gifted?


How can you tell if your child is gifted?  Some of the early signs your child may be gifted is their grasp of language skills.  If your child tends to speak fast and use more advanced vocabulary for their age, they may be gifted.  They also tend to use long complex sentences with proper grammar while speaking.  Gifted children often read early and ask a lot of questions about everything.  They continually love to learn new things and are able to follow multi-step directions at an early age.

Many children who are gifted might be overlooked because they may have problems staying focused, if they are bored.  They may have behavioral or social issues.  Or they may lack organizational skills.  They can also become hyper-focused on certain topics.  Gifted children also often have a lot of energy and have trouble sitting still.  They want to learn and explore.

Gifted children often have strong leadership skills and love to take charge.  They are creative and thoughtful thinkers.  Early testing is the best way to determine if your child is gifted.  If your child is gifted they will benefit from advanced placement classes so they can learn at an accelerated pace.  Brock’s Academy offers advanced placement classes and can provide your gifted child an exciting, interested based curriculum customized just for them.  Our one-on-one in-home tutoring can give them the extra advancement they desire.  For more information contact us at 425-483-1353 or click here:

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