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Summer Reading Resources!


Summer Reading

Research has shown children can lose up to three months of academic progress during the summer months. Reading is fundamental!  To help prevent learning loss, also known as the “Summer Slide,” reading a minimum of four books over the summer can help keep young minds stimulated and engaged. There are some terrific reading programs available to parents throughout the Puget Sound region. The King County Library has a program called Dig Into READING.  Beginning June 1, 2013, children can log on to the library website to keep track of their summer reading hours. Once a child has achieved 500 minutes of reading they are eligible to receive a Halfway Prize. At the end of the summer, after completing a 1,000 hours of reading, they will receive a Final Prize. All elementary finishers will entered into a drawing for a Sony Reader. There will be one Reader given away at each library. For more information click here:

Another great resource to find books for your child is the website. This website has a breakdown of recommended books for children by age group.  According to American author James Patterson, “Without reading, kids lose an average of one to three months of achievement over the summer. By the end of 6th grade, children who do not read over the summer are as much as two years behind other kids who do.  Moms and Dads… getting our kids into reading this summer is our job.”

If your child is struggling with reading or just needs a little extra help, you can contact Brock’s Academy and sign them up for our Summer Reading Clinic.  Go to:

Our tutors can help bring your child up to speed, increase their self-confidence and reading comprehension.  Help your child discover a love a reading and let their minds go on an adventure!


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Autism vs. Awesome-ism©
By Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, Co-founder & Executive Director of Brock’s Academy, Woodinville, WA

>What if we decided to just open our minds and see things from a wider, more diverse perspective?

>What if we didn't easily label and categorize people that we perceive to be different than us?

>What if we learned to think about people and differences as not right or wrong, but just different gifts?

>What if we fully believed and accepted that there is, and always has been, neurodiversity (i.e. cognitive differences) in the world?

>What if we accepted that neurodiversity is a brilliant achievement of Mother Nature?

>What if we entered each day believing each one of us is uniquely created and here to serve a higher purpose?

>What if we believed our job is to support one another in achieving that higher purpose?

>What if our differences are here to teach us appreciation, compassion, acceptance and to challenge us to stay open to all?

>What would that be like? # # #

Ryan, a 14-year old autistic student, writes:
>Meet me where I am.
>Stop trying to fix me. I don’t try to fix you.
>See my gifts, talents and strengths, not things you think I should have; see the “me” I was born with.
>Learn from me. Sit with me. Try to see the world from my perspective.
>Love me unconditionally and find ways to support me in what I came here to contribute to the world.
>Appreciate me.
>Just because I am experiencing the world in a different way than you are doesn’t mean it’s wrong, so stop judging me.
>I am me and I am beautiful.
>I am happy and I am whole. # # #

Copyright 2017—Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh
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