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Brock’s Academy prides itself on creating customized educational plans for children based on their individual needs.  Brock’s founder, Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, coined the term Designer Education™ to describe the core philosophy that underscores everything that Brock’s is about.  Essentially it means choosing the best educational components available to create the best learning environment for that particular student. It is a dynamic individual process. Each student’s learning needs are unique. Each semester is also unique. What is good for one child may not be good for another child. A good school environment for this season may not be a good environment for next season.


Whatever the child or family’s needs are, Brock’s Academy can design a specialized curriculum for them.  If a child is involved in an athletic program and needs a flexible schedule, we can work with the family.  If the child is doing well in some classes but struggling in one particular class, our tutors can provide homework support and guidance to boost your child’s GPA.  We can teach good study habits and executive functioning skills to alleviate stress and ensure school success.  If a family travels frequently we can provide educational stability for your child. We emphasize an interest-based learning approach.  Brock’s Academy is the only designer education™ program that offers BOTH in-home private school education and professional tutoring under the supervision of our very own Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh.  The options are as varied and unique as the students themselves.  For more information about Designer Education™ contact Brock’s Academy at 425-483-1353 or click here:  

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