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15 Classic Games that Promote Learning

Picture of Dominoes used on Family Game NightBrock’s Academy was founded on the belief that every child has the capacity to love learning.  The challenge is to fit learning to the child’s personal style and interests.  Games are a great way to do this and there are hundreds of very fine games sold as educational games.

But what if your child wants to play a classic game?  Chances are they will still have exposure to multiple learning opportunities.  Below is a list of fifteen classic games and the learning skills they develop.

Classic Games for Pre-Readers

  • Go Fish – attention span, memory, pattern recognition
  • Candy Land – colors, pattern recognition, attention span
  • Chutes and Ladders – counting, classic work = reward paradigms
  • Memory – pattern recognition, attention span, working memory

Classic Games for Independent Readers and Beyond

  • Monopoly – making change, budgeting, financial planning, adapting to unpredictable circumstance
  • Battleship – logic, planning, deductive reasoning, problem-solving and memory skills
  • Scrabble – reading, vocabulary, spelling, attention span, long-term memory
  • Clue – deductive reasoning, problem solving, memory skills

Classic Games for Teens

  • Cribbage – mental math, decision making, strategic planning
  • Poker – pattern recognition, working memory, decision making, statistics
  • Risk – strategic planning, working memory, adaptation

Classic Games for the Whole Family

  • Uno – colors, numbers, patterns, logic, reason and playable for range of ages
  • Charades – teamwork, vocabulary, contextual inference
  • Dominos – pattern recognition, logic, decision making
  • Yahtzee – numbers, pattern recognition, decision making

We wish you a happy holiday and many happy family game nights in the new year.

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